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Why Join Organization for Black Struggle?

  •     You will be joining an organization with over four decades on the battlefront for justice and racial equality.

  •     You will be part of an organization that has a respected history locally and nationally.

  •     You will work with others committed to making transformative change for our community.

Membership Categories

Active - These members give at least 4 hours a week to carrying out committee work and participating in OBS activities, (including membership meetings, events, etc.) AND orientation is mandatory.

Support - These members are unable to participate in a committee, but they stand ready to support OBS whenever they can, for example attend programs, support fundraisers, etc.

Dues Structure for membership

Red: $25 yearly for fixed or limited incomes

Black: $60 yearly or $5 monthly

Green: $5.00 and up monthly reoccurring or one-time reoccurring yearly

If you support the OBS vision, mission, program and values, complete an application.

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