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Why Join Organization for Black Struggle?

  •     You will be joining an organization with over four decades on the battlefront for justice and racial equality.

  •     You will be part of an organization that has a respected history locally and nationally.

  •     You will work with others committed to making transformative change for our community.

Membership Categories

Active - These members give at least 4 hours a week to carrying out committee work and participating in OBS activities (including membership meetings, events, etc.)

Support - These members are unable to participate in a committee, but they stand ready to support OBS whenever they can, for example attend programs, support fundraisers, etc.

Dues Structure for membership

Red: $25 yearly for fixed or limited incomes

Black: $60 yearly or $5 monthly

Green: $5.00 and up monthly reoccurring or one-time reoccurring yearly

If you support the OBS vision, mission, program and values, complete an application. Depending on the membership category you select, you will be contacted about the next steps.

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